The Gun

March 20, 2011
By , lake stevens, WA
The Gun

Each hit is worse
Then the last
They leave no bruise
But you leave scars
They go up and down
Your arms and legs

You think no one cares
But yet people do
You drive them away
But you can’t help it
You don't even know
What you’ve done wrong

Each word is like a gun shot
So you think
A shot to the head
Couldn’t hurt worse
You say your goodbye
To me

I call you
But there is no answer
I cry and scream
Worrying that you’re dead
You don't pick up
I don't know what to do

Each loss hurt more
You can’t take anymore
I worry you’ll become like me
A stone
No emotion
And that’s what can kill you

I keep calling
I'm not stopping
Till you pick up
I know if you live
You’ll become like me
But I can’t have that
And I can’t have you dieing

Each scar tells a story
Of what’s happened
Each scar shows emotion
Each scar is better
Then a shot though the head

You fell asleep
Next to the gun
To wake up
To the missed calls
What you’ve finally realized
Is someone does care

Each tear that has fallen
From your cheek
Has hurt me
More then you can imagine
Because without you
Know one would care
About the people like us

I cried
Until you responded
I yelled
Because you scared me
I fought
Because I had to

Each word that has hurt
Has hurt others more
Without you realizing
You have hurt others
But you don't know how

You wanted to get back at him
For what he’s done
But he’s done nothing
But leave you
And yet you would run back

Each time you bleed
It gets writing on your body
Showing others your past
And yet they still won’t get it
They’ve never been though it

When you point a gun at yourself
You’re pointing a gun at me
If you die I die

Each time you scream
You think you’ll get heard
But no one will listen
Each time you scream at me
You think I’ll scream back
No I’ll take it
Just know it hurts

When you think of death
Think of me
When you think of life
Think of him.

Each time you hit someone
The pain travels though them
Which travels to someone else
Sometimes that you

Without me
You would know how strong you are
With me
You’ll never know
Sometimes you don't need to know

Each time you get yelled at
Call me
Because I’ll take care of it

When ever you think of killing yourself
Read this and know I care.

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