March 21, 2011
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PART VIII of Lost Romantics

Never know what you've got,
until you've lost it once or twice.
You'll never know who you are,
without a reason, or some strife.
And you'll never feel loved enough,
though you'll love him still the same.
In turning around you'll face away,
& learn the words were misunderstood.

September eleventh, a day i wont forget
too many fallen soldiers.. & one broken heart.
Hearing the voices screaming inside,
like the people who were killed in the tower.
I wanted to sleep and dream tonight..
not to have to believe this nightmare.
to know you want no other,
to know that you'll always love just him,
To cry yourself to sleep each night,
till the colors etch the sky.

He decorated my heart,
with more love than anyone else.
I loved him so damn much,
that my love could be my death.
Now i'm supposed to wait,
for a tree to come back home.
The winds not blowing my way,
so hopeless is this fight.
Yea, parting is such sweet sorrow,
though sorrow it is still..
Houdini isn't leaving,
she's not ready to give up.

So twisted were the words,
that were uttered from his mouth,
So unsure i was to follow,
that i tripped on the uptake.

what do you do when someone
didn't tell the truth..
& you end the thing you love most,
because you think their cheating?

what do you do when you want to say sorry
& beg for forgiveness,
because you know you were wrong
to believe the thing you heard?

what do you do to show them one last time
that you want them,
& that you'll love them till you die?

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