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March 21, 2011
By lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
lissalou1.2. PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
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PART VI of Lost Romantics

Insanities got a price,
one some are willing to pay.

When theres nowhere else to go,
no place to call your own,
will you be laughing still,
or fall to the depths of fear.
Will the silence scare you still,
will the voices make you unsound.
will the rain beat you down tonight,
& will the echos still resound?
Will the people call you crazy,
will they know that your long gone.
will they try to understand you,
or will they shrink away from you?

Its not the pain God gives us
that makes us who we are,
but what we do with that pain,
that makes us prosper and endure.
Insanity may impair us,
may destroy the thing we were,
But its not the thing that kills us,
its just another trial to fail.

Its not always the voices,
its just the need to die,
its a feeling thats within you,
its a thought that doesnt cease.
It happens when a loved one,
leaves with no goodbye,
A painful question that lingers,
hallucinations that cloud your mind.
A want for that one person,
the one he lost in time,
A girl who ran from nothing,
because of others words.
No reason to forget her,
he wants to cry and cry,
Not fair to love another,
for surely he would die.

So unfair is romance,
a day or two it lasts.
It still leaves you to stumble,
and to drown within your past.
Like a cup of wine intices,
loves potion poisons too,
clouding your mind in dillusion,
then leaves you with a mess.

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