No Remorse

March 19, 2011
By explicitlove SILVER, Taylor, Michigan
explicitlove SILVER, Taylor, Michigan
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Seduced by the light
her soul cries and flies
ridding her heart of an eternal fight
reminicing weeping willows on an icy grave
picking roses, a love slave
love lust and burns the flesh off
the sorrow's blinding, and crumbles the walls
luminescent eyes haunt her dreams
souls shiver through the streams
makes your heart quiver when she screams
just an illusion sewn in the seams
disguised as a man
his spirit was dark she could only feel his hands
no happy endings, no generic love sh**
awakening kiss of a prince and princess
she turns the page and rips the binding
reading morals of tiny miracles climbing
he was cursed a devil in disguise
he brought the rapture and had the same brown eyes
left scars on her face, soul, and mind
hearts bursting resembling enemies' lives
the life bursting in his garden
is the same life she lost inside his arms and
his soul was still pardoned
kissed her subconcious mind
so her skin lights up with each lightening strike
til she awakes to her destiny
and starts to scream when her scars start to bleed
leaving stains on his bed sheets
disturbing the disturbs he sends
he cant comprehend
so her heart cannot mend

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