Loves Shine,

March 19, 2011
By ProdaG SILVER, Surprise, Arizona
ProdaG SILVER, Surprise, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Reality is Wrong, Dreams are Fer Real" -2pac Shakur

My Dreams can tUrn evil
an yoUr mind can tUrn yoUr heart into Nightmares
but whenever i wake up with a touch
a simple smile or whisper of yoUr voice
can change a mans choice
to stop everything in his life
an realize from the ruined dreams
to wake up to a beautiful wife
as her perfect face shines in the lights beams
my awaking is supposed to start like this
when i Agreed and said ” i do”
even as we lay through the day yoU're hard to resist
My Dreams are righe here, in my comfort of having you
as the sun dies out an seeks its point of light
oUr love begins when we use everything
to make oUr hearts as sensual with all oUr mite
when we know were Done
yoU smile because i kiss yoUr body for you to embrace
but were actually Ready
to leave from Reality’s dream
To falling asleep touching yoUr Memorable face
my thoughts can take me on a joUrney
can help me get away from lifes pain
but there is a break through and way past my brain
there’s something that restarts my beginning
to awake an say ” iLove you im so happy yoUr Mine”
shows me my Ending always has a Beginning
Cuz when I'm so Grateful to Wake up to My Loves Shine.


The author's comments:
Waking Up to Someone You Love can Be a Reality Check :) aha

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