Imaginary Friend

March 19, 2011
Today's like everyday, the day I'm invisible to you, the day you feel on top of the world; because no one dares to disobey you..... Everyone except for me that is, but you don't care because I'm invisible to you, right? The day you forget I know just as many secrets and weaknesses you have as you know mine, but I never went that FAR! And no, I'm not scared, I just have the heart you seemed to have lost... How could you have disappeared when I needed you the most? And never came to check in at least... Just because I couldn't always be by your side doesn't mean I wasn't always there for you... I guess I expected the same... How very wrong of me... Just remember today's like everyday... And if this is how its gonna be then DUECES!

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acasha said...
Mar. 18, 2013 at 8:42 pm
you are amazing 
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