I Am From

March 23, 2011

I am from where a place of water

and where there is a weird tube formed

or connected to my belly.
I am from where the play grounds are broken

and the houses are garbage

and the cars are broken into every night
I am from where

the mothers is gone from A.m to p.m and

the father nowhere to be found in till they need something
I am from where the clouds are always gray

and it rains a lot.
I am from where when it is time

to take a family picture I feel that it is just me

with no one else helping me to stand there strong
I am from where whenever someone around grows up

they always ends up died, in jail, on the streets, or a crack head
trynna make a dollar out of 50 cent
But foe me Charline Latrice I will grow up

to something magnificent and o be a leader

which I think best defines me.
I am from where at the end of my life I make it and make something out of myself and when it comes down to take a family picture there well be someone one there with me to help me stand strong

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