A Changed Spirit

March 22, 2011
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I look to my left and see darkness.
I look to my right and I see pain.
I look at my feet and I see them bloody from the rough path behind me.
I look ahead and see fog rolling over everything.
My back is sore, in pain from my burden.
My feet ache from the miles of walking with no end.
My legs are fragile from the mountains I had to climb.
My arms are barely there from the loads I have carried.
My chest heaves, still trying to catch the breath I lost so long ago.
My face burns from the forces of nature and man that have attacked me.
Nothing is left from my travels. Nothing but pain and sorrow.

As I stand still, hoping to end the pain, warmth enters me.
I looked to my left and saw a light.
I looked to my right and see comfort.
I look at my feet and see that they have healed.
I look forward and see Him.
The pain runs from me, pleading for mercy.
My burden falls from my back, lost in the past.
A new path, smooth and gentle, begins to form.
My legs gain strength as I step forward.
My arms feel blood pump through and give me feeling.
Air returns to me and I regain a peaceful heart.
My skin feels no hate, no wrath, nothing but love and warmth.
No longer does pain and sorrow follow me.
I have gained love and peace as new followers.
And our savior Jesus Christ has gained a new follower.

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