Poem To My Life

March 22, 2011
By ohhaiii SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
ohhaiii SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
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what can i say,
I'm no diamond a dozen.
i could never compare
to my almost perfect cousin.

i hate who i am
what I'm becoming
if my mind was a different person,
it would send me running.

what makes the most sense:
getting high brings me above
all the bad thoughts.
float away like a dove.

I'm sick of all these faces,
get high,
go to different places.

my minds stuck up,
my conscious too caring,
dull and boring,
i am neither brave nor daring.

whats going on?
who am i to say?
this is a sick twisted world,
so just take me away.

chill out,
smokin kush
grab myself a beer.
cross faded
mind fuzzy
ain't no troubles here.

let me be,
I'll set myself free.

too fried
another light
lets keep doing this all night

once its all over
sure I'll be upset.
thinking about pulling that trigger
up against my head.

oh wait
too late

I'll just get back to bed
get some sleep
why should i be sad
its another week

to do the same old s***
we did last night

roll it up
take a hit
pass the light
never quit.

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