March 22, 2011
My momma asked me why i didn't use a gun.
I told her it takes away all the fun.
Gimme the gun momma,
I'll show you what i can do
Popping of several rounds or two.
Into their skulls blowing up those brains
They bodies hitting the ground as i try to refrain,
My laughter bursting out into tears of pain.

Bang! Bang! screamed the gun.
Quivering in her heated fun.
The terror and shrills
brought her a thrill,
that only violence could have won.
She did not know,
she did not care,
the world had pushed her,
so cruel and unfair.

If only they could had seen,
and understood what her true emotions mean.
Then maybe a life or two would be spared
but soon no one will care.
The blood and bodies will lay dead
while the event slowly leaves everyone's head.
Her pain and tears
will drive people's fears,
but all will be lost
at the such a destructive cost
and it all went away,
forgotten by the next day.

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