Futile Regrets

March 22, 2011
Where'd you go?
Where'd you show?
What's with the facade?
You're not the same,
that much I know.
Somewhere between the broken hearts and day filled to the brim with Mary Jane,
I've lost you.
It's plain and simple.
It's hurts me, too, you know?
To see you destroy yourself,
peice by peice.
Everything I've done,
in vain.
Cheaters, hypocrites, liars.
Remember when you weren't one?
Seasons fade and promises break.
I defend you everytime.
My leniency,
you take,
and take,
and shake.
Don't get me wrong,
I accept you for who you are,
But what's to happen when you take it too far?
I won't be able to handle it.
The pressure, the stress, and the one-sided lack of a friendship.
Everything WE'VE built together,
put to shame.
I know who you are---were,
I know how you work---worked.
If this new you is happier than who I knew,
I'll continue to embrace you.
Until the final day,
when you deliver that terminal beating upon yourself.
That much I can promise.

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