Kiss Her When She Cries

March 22, 2011
By khristinab BRONZE, Hudson, New Hampshire
khristinab BRONZE, Hudson, New Hampshire
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Tears fall like the rain
But silently, they pass
Emotions free and raw,
She says things she knows she'll regret

Empty words full of thought,
Deliberation in each look.
Thoughtful eyes meet nervous trembles
A cuteness that adds to her charm

Hold her close, cradle her tightly
Arms around her waist,
Let her cry

Smiles passed between laughter
Hands twined for all to see
"She means so much,"
"He means too much to me"

Catch her when she struggles,
Make her laugh when she frowns.
When the light leaves her face,
Light a candle.

Hold her closer, to your heart
Don't let her slip by
Let her cry

Melancholy hearts etched in bathroom stalls,
In blues and red and greens
Flowers blooming in the saddest places,
The rain brings out the best in us.

Pianos playing in the background
Laughter filling the front.
Smiles and laced fingers,
This is happiness.

The author's comments:
Every girl wants "him" to never let her go, especially when she wants to cry. She wants him to know when to hold her, and when to let her run. In my mind, this is just a little insight into the mind of

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