Candidly Beautiful

March 22, 2011
By Anonymous

To see the world someday
The sun set on the water
The world from atop Mt. Everest
The sunrise from the Grand Canyon
A whole new world to discover
Beneath the ocean’s surface
Endless stretches of desert or grassland
Or the northern lights on a winter day
That reflects every color imaginable:
Red, orange, pink, and blue
Green, purple, and everything in between
The lakes that seem to be glassed over
Filled with God’s creatures
All the things that haven’t been tainted
By human’s destructive fingerprints
Postcard moments, off a postcard
The impossible becoming possible
Like dreaming when you’re not asleep
The sights you can’t even describe
I want to see them all

The author's comments:
After I went to Yellowstone and many other national parks I was inspired to write a piece that showed how beautiful Earth can be.

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