March 15, 2011
The Best

He says the worlds a stage

But I think its race

Our Parents start us

On this competing road

They Compare:

First to be born

First to smile

First to yell

First to step

Whose baby is first?

Mine Mine Mine

Now as toddlers

We compete too.

We become a team

Aiding and abetting

Our parents' competition

We compete for

Best school

Best picture

Best demeanor

Whos the Best now?

Then it is child versus child

Our teacher devise ways,

Very clever ways for us

To measure our own competition.

They gives us stickers

They give us paper-chains

They give us points

They give us candy

They give us free-days

Now are in the middle grades

Competing still

Highest Grades

Highest Allowance

Highest Shoes.

The Pattern Continues

A never ending cycle.

Whos the best? better than the rest?

Until the day we die we ask…

Who's The Best?

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