What I See

March 15, 2011
By Anonymous

I see life ain't perfect
Looking from a different view
A lot of people aren't happy
When all they need is an
"I Love You"

Some people say you don't need anyone other than yourself
But from what I see, thats not always true
Sometimes we become so lost in this world
That we don't even have a clue

What I see is people constantly unhappy
Though I never see why
I'm always there when they need someone
Their situations make me wanna cry

I've learned you gotta go with the flow
And you can't go back and change mistakes
Meaning you gotta think before you do
What I see is people not doing that
Causing a lot of heartache

What I see is lost friendships
Everyone's got it maintained
But people make mistakes
And before you know it, someone makes a change

You gotta take it step by step
From what I see, Life can be a dream
Most important part is getting right with God.
That's what I've seen.

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