Dear God

March 31, 2011
By Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
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"every heart break is another wound, the key is to let it scar.. carry the memory with you dont forget it, it makes you who you are and teaches you how not to treat other people you love.. a scar is proof you healed.. have pride in your scars!!................ " by Dalila Christen Roman

Dear, God I'm falling apart

Theres nothing left to hold up this heart

No strength to rebuild these walls

No nets to catch my falls

No hope to keep me alive

No tears left to cry

Dear, God where did you go?

I need you here more then you know

I've forgotten how to hear your voice

I've forgotten that I made a choice

I've forgotten how to make you stay

I made the mistake of pushing you away

Dear, God forgive me please

I'm asking you on my hands and knees

I'm asking you not to forget about me

I'm asking you to save me please!

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