Bump in the Night

April 6, 2011
The lights go out, it is so dark,
the pitch black seems to close in around me.
I feel as though Im suffocating in a park,I heard a sound,
a small whisper,somewhere out in that shadowy darkness.
It seems to keep coming closer, that whisper,til I can almost hear it next to my ear.
I soon here the sounds all over the place,while in the black of my room I sit and stare,
The darkness swirls and forms like lace around my face,
I want run and hide somewhere, but there is nowhere to run.
I am trapped in a black nothingness with only my fears,
the black closes in all around and pushes me back.
I feel the coldness of the wall against me and it seems to jeer.
I am now breaking out in a cold sweat donw my cheeks,
it runs down my chin and drips on my night shirt,
my eyes are closed ever so tightly for I am too scared to peek.
I pull the covers over my head and wonder why I am not dead,
I hear the sound of frightening things, I see the motionsI want to run,
to hide away to get to light but my feet are like lead.
When finally I feel sleep settle in the world around gets very thin,
I know that I must get to sleep, and forget all of this fear,
What am I to do about what fear of the unknown is here.
In my mind I witness thus, the scariest creatures I can muster,
my mind is now running wild, I see things just like a child,
I hear a loud "Boom Pop" and realize hearing has lost its luster,
I cower even deeper still covering my eyes and starting to cry,
when the first rays of light reach me I wait a little just to be sure,
then I slowly lift my hands and open up my red, tired eyes
.The nightlight has been turned back on and I see that I was wrong,
for in my room was nothing more than a bed, a door, and a ghost in the corner.

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