The Gift of a Friend

March 14, 2011
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I remember when you said you did’t have a best friend,
I said I didn’t have one either since most of my bonds have been broken or bent,
Each day you compliment me and you say I look pretty
I sometimes wish I could see the same beauty in myself that you see in me
Sometimes I forget to compliment you but I figure you already know you’re perfect
You always help me with my math problems and figure out things I could never dissect;
You apologize when you’re not even in the wrong, but you see that I’m hurt
You always cheer me up and remind me how much more I’m worth
You pick me up while others like to kick me when I’m already on the ground
When others leave you seem to always stick around;
We have our good times laughing at obnoxious people and looking at guys that are cute;
You always listen to me while others interrupt or put me on mute
Next year I will miss you as I’ll have learn to make it through high school alone
But I have to let you be free since I understand you find this school a house not a home
I won’t be selfish since new people should see how great you are
And our close friendship will still remain the same even from afar,
I’ve had friends that have given me expensive gifts that are cool at first but become dull in the end
But you have given me a priceless endless gift,the gift of a best friend.

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