Because of You

March 14, 2011
I can't sleep at night
I'm thinking of you
I try to shut out those thoughts
But they won't go

I toss and turn
Loving and hating them all

How much have you realized of me?
Am I obvious to you?
Or do you have no clue?

I'm sure there is a hint
In the back of your mind
That tells you
I'm interested in you

Disturbing me
That you're stuck so much
Will they leave
Once I return?

Maybe I just miss a friend
from whom
I've been gone too long

I enjoy your company
Easy going
Thinking like me
I cannot resist
Someone like this

what my thoughts
Linger on
You seem to say
Making it a possibility
No longer
An uncomfortable idea

I love how you see the world
In a different way
I see it in your eyes
What it is
I have yet to find

A myriad of times
I think I feel your eyes
I turn to look
And think they are not there

I fear your gaze
As many fear mine
For the very same reason
You seem to know all
And your eyes
See into the soul

I almost wish
You would not find me so
I fear you can tell
All I think of you
These thoughts
Scare me most of all
keeping me up at night

Perhaps my visions
Are telling me something
Very clear
After all . . .

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Shoe_17 said...
Sept. 6, 2011 at 12:48 pm

I feel very empathetic to this..

Very good writing and rhythm

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