March 14, 2011
its like i can't describe these feelings inside of me

words just aren't enough

& every time i speak it's like my words are burned to the ground

these feelings hit me like a punch in the face

trying to get out of this life

it has me pinned to the wall

the more i feel the harder i fall

i had hopes & dreams

now i have bruises, scars & unheard screams

nothing ever seems right anymore

i sit here & watch as my life crumbles to the floor

& these tears i cry

a never ending pour

a pour of what i had felt, what i wanted

what i dreamed for

save me from myself

for i am only going to make it harder to breathe

& make it harder for you to leave

all i wanted was to be happy

for you to love me

i guess that is where the story ends

i'll be patiently waiting here 'till my heart mends

& i'll try not to break, i'll give up,

watch & see it won't be long

for only a person can be so strong.

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