What Is Wrong With Me?

March 14, 2011
By HunterMartin BRONZE, Loranger, Louisiana
HunterMartin BRONZE, Loranger, Louisiana
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What is wrong with me?
Everyone says nothing I’m normal
The doctors say I’m autistic
So I wish to hear no more
Normal I am not!

What is wrong with me?
Looking you in the eye seems impossible
Am I scared you will see my fear
Look me in the eye!
I want to feel normal!

What is wrong with me?
Every word hurts someone
So I decide to sit in silence
Talk to me!
Make me feel normal!

Hot tears stream down my face
I cry out to god in the heavens
What is wrong with me!
I never receive an answer
The devil laughs in my ear

I am not scared…
Demons are pulling at me
I am not confused…
Now I fall though the darkness
I am not normal…

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