MY Next Cutest Victim

March 14, 2011
My dear, dear rabbit
why do you run?
Are you scared of the poison that drips from my tounge?
Don't worry little rabbit,
it's part of the fun.
Please stop running
I want you here
by my side to tame my fear.
So come my dear rabbit
out of your hole
make me feel like I'm not alone.

My dear, dear rabbit
you should've run.
Instinct was right and the poison did come
from the lips of this forgotten son.
And now my dear rabbit don't you look dumb,
dead on the ground from a drop off my
You were so young my sweet hunny bun
but all I saw in you
was my

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SmileyFace13 said...
Sept. 7, 2011 at 7:01 pm
I've read quite a few of your poems lately and you're really good. A little dark, but really amazing talent. i really really love this one. :) "why do you run?/ Are you scared of the poisen that drips from my tounge?/ Dont worry little rabbit/ it's part of the fun." i love it!
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