Contemnor and Rancor

March 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Backstabber, Backstabber
Boy would I hate to be with you
You say you're kind an you care
That sure as hell ain't true
You think you're better than
Better than him, than her
I hate your kind...
I hate it....I hate you
You go around flinging your halo
Telling everyone what to do
How to live like you
But you're a liar
You're no saint
No Jesus, No Buddha
You've got no right
But keep living the way you do
Keep telling us what to do
You'll get what's coming to you
And I'll sit there
Smiling and

The author's comments:
There's a lot of hate, and emotion put into this poem so I'm hoping people can experience the emotion that I felt while writing it. It may not be the best all together, but there's a lot of emotiont tied to it.

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