March 19, 2011
By KaitlynnNicole PLATINUM, Heyworth, Illinois
KaitlynnNicole PLATINUM, Heyworth, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
From me: "The Point of writing isn't so others can understand what's going on in your mind. It's so you can understand what's going on inside yourself."

By me: "Who needs you when I have these yellow lines on this road?"

They hit and they punch
I cry and I hide
I burrow down deeper
Down deeper inside
Deeper than ever
Than ever before
What the heck do I keep fighting for?
It doesn't do a thing
It's never helped before
So what's another bruise?
What's just one more?
To add to my collection
My collection in my heart
How do i explain this hurt?
Where do I even start?

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