Where I Am From

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from a small, cluttered yet comfortable house in the countryside of humble State Center.
I am from farmland and dusty roads where the tractors roam.
I am from cornfields, combines, beans, and barns.
I am from a dog that would scare unwanted critters away with an intense chase,
But once he aged he lost pace.
I am from a family that could never be replaced.
Karri, a loving mother who is always forgiving
Alan, a father who cares, but is inept with sharing his emotions
Branten, a brother who was usually willing to play
And make a boring day go away.
I am from lazy days and long nights of gaming like a champ.
I am from summer days of roaming the streets of State Center with a collective of friends
To find what could bring our boredom to an end.
I am from playing sports, where football and wrestling are my main concern.
I am from working hard trying to be the best and pushing myself until my whole body burned.
I am from being impatient and unable to wait for my turn.
I am from a place where simplicity is best.
When it comes to where I am from I feel I have been blessed.

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