Blood Stained Lips

March 17, 2011
Lets just put in rewind,
let that blood just flow back up your lip,
no leaving a red little stain,
as if it was never there to begin with,
not leaving a single trace of its simple existence in this world,
but truthfully,
betweed you and me,
its been there all along,
pumping, gushing, through your little blue veins that you hold so dear,
and yet cut and rip apart when noone is near,
and you are just too dead to see,
your body is bloodied and bruised,
I guess he had a few too many brewskies,
but maybe it just too blatant to see,
the truth flows like an ever long river between you and me,
so bye bye sweetie this is the end,
seas drying up to show the marks of all the wicked storms to rip down to the core,
or maybe its just a dream but either way lets go sight seeing,
to look at all the scars on the ocean floor,
so let go look and leave this world,
for all the hopers and believers,
with our blood stained lips glistening in the night lights,
but maybe just maybe,
you are me.

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