Sing little Humming bird

March 17, 2011
By kh2luv123 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
kh2luv123 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
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sing little hummingbird, sing;
to this world, and what its become

to the pain that our nations cause,
to the sun that rises above

to the shore lines of all the sea's
and every type of person's that exist

sing little humming bird, sing
your time is nigh, nor bliss

you, little humming bird
brighten up the day as you come and flap your wings

you are one, of all creation
that makes Earth sing

there your gentle body, flutters, gingerly by

you fly all around me
and soar, through out the sky

but then you come back to me before your song then dies

i put my hands out toward you
I'm now here, by your side

lay yourself in my palms and i promise I'll be there,when we pass glances by

as i carefully give you a hug
as i look at you goodbye

i stretched my arm out for you
and there it was the last tI'me

as i waved as you left as you left for the sky

and there i saw you, just until, you were gone in a blink of an eye

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