Social Woker

March 17, 2011
By Anonymous

16 going on 8

Still in my childhood
Raised by a social worker mother

Who taught me everything
But she never taught me

The most important lesson…
What it was like

To fall in love…

The marriage I grew up modeling

Didn’t exist anymore
And apparently

It never did.

An eviction notice

Was posted on my reality
Valentines Day

The day about love.

They never loved each other.

But the shame of losing a child
Before you’re even married

Will get to even the best of couples.

Make a deal

He’s handsome and kind
He’ll be a good father

All you want is kids
You can divorce him in a year

And he agreed to it, too


You yell at your daughter

Making better mistakes than you

Can say I love him

Don’t even know what that is

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