The Rain

March 17, 2011
By Justina Melton BRONZE, Marshall, Minnesota
Justina Melton BRONZE, Marshall, Minnesota
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Thousands of tiny droplets
making a calming sound on the rooftop,
making me relax in a special way.
Letting all my worries be washed away.
A lullaby sung by mother nature, to put me asleep

Then with a bang
a bright flash of light appears,
with a streak of light coming from above.
Revealing the earth-
faster the tiny drops fall.

I lay there and think I like the rain.
I like the way it plays me a lullaby,
how it knows exactly what to do to calm me,
to make me sleep peacefully.
Like being in the arms of a lover.

Laying there, eyes closed
praying that it will never stop,
hoping God will let it rain all day.
Just so my mind will be at rest,
for just one day.

But when I open your eyes,
the thousands of tiny drops fall less.
But your reminded of that calming sound
as I fall asleep;
once more.

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