Crashing Waves

March 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Theres waves crashing
and I'm starting to sink
theres a rope tightening
and I'm starting to scream
I don't know what to do
the only one I see is you
but you can't hear me
can't see me

I'm going under
the rope's getting tighter
there's nothing you can do
but God knows I'm a fighter
I'm trying to swim higher
I'm really getting tired
and I'm only going deeper

the rope's around my neck
and I can't breathe
I can feel it in my chest
but I'm giving it my best

the bars are closing in
the wall between us so thin
but you still can't hear me

what, does he want me to give up?
No, it won't be that easy
but I don't want to be the one
to bite the hand that feeds me

the water's getting deeper
the floor getting steeper
he's holding my head under the water
I'm almost out of breathe
I can hardly see you
but I'm doing all I know to do

I have to keep my head
if I don't want to end up dead
so I keep saying that I love them
always thinking of light, not dim
but my chest is aching
my knees are shaking
God! My heart is breaking

the light is getting closer
the rope's getting looser
the sun is getting brighter
yes, I'm a fighter, I'm a fighter
now you can hear me
I didn't give up
it wasn't that easy
I didn't bite the hand that feeds me
no, it wasn't that easy!

The author's comments:
I wrote this 4/10/08 during a very difficult time in my life. I hope you enjoy.

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