Live For Now, Love For Now

March 29, 2011
By kcutting BRONZE, Sebago, Maine
kcutting BRONZE, Sebago, Maine
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I know this is real.
All these feelings, these “I love you’s”,
All of this is real life.
I never want to snap back to reality.
I don’t want to think about school, about my family,
All I want is this moment.
This one moment that means everything to me.
No one can take this moment away from me,
Nothing can take away these feelings.

All you ever asked me for was time.
Time spent away from each other,
Time spent thinking about what it will be like when we’re together again.
I never thought it would actually happen.
Nothing in my mind made me think things would go back to normal,
But look where we are now.
We’re here, together, finally.

What took this so long?
How can time away bring people closer together?
No one knows, but time is the best cure of all.
Time brings you closer.
Time brings you closer to the time you will be together,
Closer to the time when you can say, “Finally.”
In the end, it is all worth it.
It has been worth the wondering,
Worth the days spent thinking if it will ever get better.

The future does not matter.
All that matters is right now.
Right now in this moment of us being together.
No part of the future matters.
It may hold you, it may not.
Cherish what we have right now,
Remember everywhere that we’ve been,
Know what it is like right now.
Don’t think about the future just yet,
Live for now.

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