March 17, 2011
Less than a month
And we're inseperabke
Days of comments
Swift interactions
Until we see
What we've always needed
Had always been
Right in front of us

In a matter of weeks
We forged
A friendship so strong
A love so deep
That many
Take a lifetime
To do so

And maybe that's why
Engulf us
Follow us around
Because a boy and a girl
This close
Have to be more
Than friends

We fight these chains
Sway dangerously
On our tightrope
Of happiness
Because two
Against the world
Is impossible
Yet we try
Too proud to give in
Too close to separate
Too in need
Of this friendship
To ever take
The easy road

Even the easy road
Is impossible
For us
Because one can't live
In darkness
After being blinded
By light

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