I failed

March 16, 2011
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Maybe a touch
A glance
A little thing you didn’t realize
Until now
In your room
Hidden by guilt
But now
Until now
Your anger
Hurt by those you love
A little piece of metal
You fell the pain
As it rolls across your skin
But the depression hurts more
When I’m here
Waiting for you
I can’t help the depression
But I can love
More than anyone else
But a little stream of blood comes
It grows
Like a fire
A spark
Across the skin of a depressed Person
Ashamed by your guilt
You stay
Hidden in the room of shame
You bleed
Faster and faster
But it is calming
For the end is near
Just when the consciousness is gone
A familiar face comes in
Not in anger
but in peace
to save
From a abyss of death
He comes
He calls for help
But it was to late
Was it worth it
To die
When people love you
To hurt
To be mocked
To die
Are you ready
To meet your maker
The only person to save
But no notice was taken
I was there
But was late
I wish
Oh I wish
You would of just turned that head
I was and will be looking
For you
Only you
But I won’t know
Was it me
Was it
Or was it god
Did he do this
To you
No he loved
But it didn’t come soon enough
But I tried
But failed
I tried but again
I failed

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codman1004 said...
Apr. 18, 2011 at 8:15 am
I wrote this becasue I was read a story about something like this and thought that it might happen more than we realise, thanks to google it does.
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