Forbidden Loss of Innocence

March 16, 2011
By BootScootinCountryboy SILVER, Middleburgh, New York
BootScootinCountryboy SILVER, Middleburgh, New York
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The day innocence died was like any other,
Skies of blue were streaked by white.
There was nothing different about that day.

Orange and purple tears smeared the sky,
And nature sang our song.
The shadows continued to grow where me and her lie.
The feel of her soft lips on mine felt so right.
Was this love I was feeling, or was it a lie?

As the sun went down, I could feel her naked body atop mine,
Her gentle voice telling me she loved me,
Then she sealed it with a kiss.
Under that tree we made love for the very first time.
When we were done, grey and brown raindrops fell upon our heads,
And the day of innocence slowly faded away.

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