A Soldier’s Foreign Star

March 16, 2011
Black and white pictures show memories of getting shippen out,
Some were headed on a one way route.
Lost in the arms of destiny,
Left nothing but a memory.

Women’s empty hearts ready to breach
As malevolent waves crash upon some sandy beach.
Tears fall down their solemn face,
And bagpipes cried their amazing grace.

All were heroes, giving their life away,
Prayin’ they would come home alive one day.
Young boys with war become a man,
Fightin’ till the end doin’ the best they can.

Cold bullet’s powder begins to ignite,
Leavin’ some families never to reunite.
We stop and think what they gave to me and you,
Carrying out what brave soldiers do.

Old glory draped over the fallen sons
And mothers’ mascara runs.
In the name of freedom they laid down their lives,
Makin’ sure the U.S. still strives.

They went down as some of the best,
Now to sleep with the rest.
Love was lost in the war,
Underneath some distant foreign star.

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