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March 16, 2011
By The_Teal_Dragon_Scribbler BRONZE, Cottonwood, Minnesota
The_Teal_Dragon_Scribbler BRONZE, Cottonwood, Minnesota
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Children dance in the rain.
They splash in the street and sidewalk puddles
like all the good children do.

To laugh and play
as the water in the street rises
and flows – a manmade river born.
It sweeps the street clean to make
the next day all the brighter.

One worried face watches
as the manmade river rises.

So much water.
Not even the gutters
could hold it back.

Soon the cars no longer traverse
as the water is up to their doors,
and many people wish for clean garages.

So much water
that it soon overlaps the street curb
and licks at the squares of the sidewalk.
Pushing dirt away from the land it claims,
the water heaves it over its back and carries away
soil, leaves, twigs, small toys, a pacifier.

Glimmering watery eyes watch
as fearful worried gazes question the sky.
How far will the river take this?

The children rush indoors as yesterday's
chalk drawings are washed away
with a gleeful, cackling hand.

Everyone cheers as Flood Insurance
looms from the distance.
A promise to save the day.

The author's comments:
A little ditty inspired by an internet video and my english teacher.

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