Helpless Human Soul

March 16, 2011
Stomach cramping
My shallow sobs
Through my frsgile frame
Fish-like mouth gasping
More for answers
Than for air
Spring to life
Little mountains dispersed
Across my arms and legs

Tears pooling in my hands
Mirroring my soul
That inwardly cries
Heart fluttering
It's snow-white wings
Beating furiously
Against my rib cage

I am just a human
In the sin we create
Burning holes in truth
Digging graves of deceit
Bruising with each insult
Deserving of the flames
Not of nature's flawless beauty

These eyes
That see suffering
Glimpse dying souls
And don't move mountains
Are too tainted
For sunshine
Morning dew
Gentle Breezes

I would like to say
The beauty seeps in
But guilt
Is always the driving force
Always for selfish reasons
Does every human act

If only our blood
Was not red with sin
With lies and guilt
Deceit and ignorance
Maybe beauty
Would not ravage
A Helpless Human Soul

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