Two Wide Rows

March 17, 2011
By SageAnne BRONZE, Auburn, Indiana
SageAnne BRONZE, Auburn, Indiana
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They sit on a mattress
(a place called a bed)
Where its stitches and buttons
are as big as their heads.
They for two wide rows,
One in front of another
(The dolls on one side,
plushes on the other)
Holding their weapons,
heads held high,
They launch their accessories
into the sky.
Colored pencil shrapnel
all over the place
(It grazed a poor princess
straight in the face).
But it's the princess shoes
the plushes all fear
that fly in the air
and jab in their ears.
As the war goes on,
the fight gets horrible.
Arms are torn off,
but they still look adorable.
And after the feud is over and done
They re-sew missing limbs on;
one by one.
They're faces return
to store bought smiles.
They crawl back in their shelves
and wait awhile.
But, the dusty cramped space
can turn toys quite vile...
Princesses get pushy,
Bears start to growl,
Barbie hits Ken
with her pink plastic trowel.
And before time moves,
before you would know,
Toys climb on the mattress
and form two wide rows.

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