As I Reminisce

March 17, 2011
I can see the light shine through my window
As if it had any other choice than waking me up
Could it be possible that my room gleams?
Illuminating my room, I cannot sleep.

My eyes fight to stay awake
But with each blink that occurs
I can feel them as heavy as the blinds
Racing down until they can no longer fall

I can see the light shine through my window
With not a single hope of something new
It’s a day to day struggle every time
I stop and reminiscence about you

I still linger in my bed searching
And waiting for strength to arise
Daily does the sun rise and set
But how often does someone knock
Down the barriers my heart is enclosed in?

I can see light shine through my window
With a smile I come to understand
We all have one Creator and as humans
With a soul we have a destiny
Give him the reigns and let him take control

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