The Mariner

April 10, 2011
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Faded coat of ocean blue, leather boots crusted with grime
Sits in the wharf, and beckons forth, with a tale as old as time
“Listen here”, the old man said
Listen of ivory seas and tides of red
And legendary tales of men dead
Who fought with clashing steel and flying lead
Many years back, in the days of old
Young men strode forth, all of them bold
And each man knew the cost, all told
Of sailing into the freezing cold
Twas’ the belly of winter when we set forth
Towards the freezing cold of the unknown North
We sailed without rest through the vicious seas
The cold and pain brought men too their knees
And the men whose final word was: “Please”
As they succumbed without comfort to the fatal disease
Then we broke through the waves to the icy slush
And many a mans hope was crushed
As we traveled onward for several weeks
The boat broke spars, and sprung leaks
When we got back, our families left
Our houses pillaged, theft was the crime
That was the saga of the Mariners rime

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