March 14, 2011
I was twisted ‘til I fit,
All my cables carefully knit
I was wrought from the silkiest glass
While lab coats and goggles scurried past
I rose, no flew, from the hospital bed
And found the waters of life easier to tread
Whispering to myself goodbye—
I skipped, tripped, slipped—all in the blink of an eye
Then I looked deep inside
I found you then me, then more you
Covered in feathers all midnight-y blue
Oh what good! What beauty! What a lovely reflection!
I shouted to name this undeniable perfection.
Then I sat, smiled, quiet as is convention
Me: looming silent as dawn,
A quite unlikely swan
I thought, looked, oh glorious confection
Oh what a beautiful, beautiful invention
To be you, but me, but mostly you.
A lovely thought I never thought through
A few hours of sedation
Now I am the creation
I am what I never thought I would be,
And now I can feel oh so softly,
My heart’s gradual ascension,
Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful invention.

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