Places I've Been

March 14, 2011
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In my room
I’ve been to Hogwarts
I’ve dueled Voldemort
Gone to the Quidditch world cup
And Performed magic with a wand.

I took part in the Hunger Games
Fought for my life
And defied the capitol.

I’ve solved mysteries along side The Mysterious Benedict Society,
Like Sherlock Homes.
I helped take down Mr. Curtain
And his Bow-down-to-me-or-else attitude
To saved the world.

I’ve been to the city of Ember,
As small as a firefly in the dark,
A light bulb from the sky.
And I found a way out.

I have a dad name Poseidon,
I’ve flown on Pegasus
Fighting, flying, and fearing danger
I stopped a godly war and made peace
And even stopped Kronos from taking the world over

All in my room
For books are not something you do,
But somewhere you go.
They take you by the hand and put you in another world
Full of adventure.

I’ll read till I drop.
Away from worry,
Away from boring old life,
And away from orders you must fallow
Crossing the boundaries between dreams and real life.

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