how we met and the sparks flew instantely

March 14, 2011
By sooby BRONZE, New York, New York
sooby BRONZE, New York, New York
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I never saw it coming,
never thought i'd feel this way,
he came into my life,
and stole my heart away.
You may think it sounds dramatic,
or even too good to be true,
but you cant really understand,
unless you step into my shoes.
The moment we met,
i felt it instantely,
i never knew anyone,
ould have that affect on me.
His deep brown eyes
make my heart skip a beat,
i know i should be wise,
and never let him leave.
From the very first kiss,
and through all the tears,
i loved you from the beginning,
its been over a year.
I'll look at you and get lost in your eyes,
it may seem childish, but i still get butterflies.
I know somewhere in there, you feel it too,
and i wont give up because of all that i've been through.
A million memories ill never forget,
falling for you, ill never regret.
I sometimes get lost along the way,
then i see you and know i'll be okay.
and if we ever go our seperate ways,
it'll break me til im nothing,
i'd never be able to handle that,
i always want us to be something.
So dont ever leave me, and never let me fall,
make this all worth something, i wanna be your all.

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