March 14, 2011
Long ago I built my prison
A cold and dark cell
Day by day
Brick by brick
A cage for my thoughts and feelings
My solution to the problem

Now my cell is crowded
With years’ worth of emotions
My dreams swirl around me
A relentless hurricane of chaos

And I can see my soul shriveling
Withering away
It’s far too late to save it
But I can still set it free

I know where the key is
I have always known
It is within me
Only I can save myself
I must dig deep though
Beyond my calm exterior

With each layer I peel back
My scars run deeper
More blood is shed
My heart pounds wildly
But it must be done

I want so much to cry
But I’m imprisoned
I want so much to scream
But I’ve lost my voice
I want so much to be helped
But I’m alone

When does this end?
My heart aches more
With every passing day
I’ve begun to believe now
That there’s no way out
That this is my fate

My heart cries
Tears glistening in the moonlight
All alone in my cell

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