Winter World

March 14, 2011
The world spins around me
As I lay frozen in time
In a block of ice
Of my own creation

On the outside
I am a flower
Of spring
Of life
In the sun’s warming rays

On the inside
It is winter
Time is frozen
Thoughts and feelings
Drift and soar
But I can’t move

On the outside
I am an example
Of the perfect student
Brilliant, successful, friendly
I am what people aspire
And desire to be

On the inside
I freeze in turmoil
A hell of my own creation
I am my worst enemy
In an unending wintry land

On the outside
A friend
Lights a candle
To free me
Of my own prison

On the inside
I begin to feel
And reach out
To a world I just discovered
I relearn
How to smile
How to laugh
How to live

As I slowly thaw

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