March 14, 2011
Kicking hard
I struggle
Reaching out
Towards safety
Gasping for breath
In an airless world

Puffy red
My eyes well with tears
Their saltiness mingling
With the ocean of despair
That is slowly killing me
Draining me
Of my desire to live

As my limbs go numb
My mind, heart, and soul
Those of a drowning child
Fight a losing battle
And a thread from death
I refuse to give in

Somehow I live
My heart and soul beg
To be saved
What they ever did
To deserve this

I tell myself
The future
Will save me
Patience is necessary
How I knew this
How I wanted to live
I will never know

Suddenly you're there
Reaching out
To save me
Offering a lifeline
A life preserver
My guardian angel
Without wings

Because of you
I know
I was always
Destined to survive
An unwritten future
Always existed
Blank pages before me

And because of you
My story survives

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