All I Need

March 21, 2011
By WaterAngel42 BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
WaterAngel42 BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
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They gather dust, my emotions.
Hanging on the shelf of my heart,
I must find a way to liberate my feelings.
A way to uncap the bottle of emotions churning within me.
All they do is harm, when locked in.
They scream and fight for freedom,
But all I do is push them
No one to confide in.
No one will ever listen.
No one understands.
I fall.

A glimmer of light.
It’s faint, barely even there.
It hurts my eyes.
I was comfortable in the dark,
Lying on the black marble,
Its cold hands clawing at my self-worth.
But the light grows and comes closer.
I cringe as it bends down next to me.
I want to brake free, but I am weak.
It gently caresses me and rocks me to sleep.

You are my light.
You take me as I am.
You lift me up and fly me above the Darkness,
To a world full of compassion and forgiveness.
You listen as I open my heart, healing my wounds.
You help me unlock my bottle.
You comfort me as the pain slowly dies.
The chains around my heart turn to rust and fall.
You are here for me.
You trust me.
You love me.
All I needed was a friend.

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