March 21, 2011
Incolusion of all the pain,all the rain,Incolusion of all the hurt,just waiting for the worst,no time for love,no time for games,cause it's no time for playing just run dont turn around&never come back,just run fast away from my past,away from my case,my mistakes,they're judgements and everybody got something to say about what i do what i did i changed my ways....NO that's not safe to say,but,Incolusion of ALL my struggles ALL my mistakes, i made a way,people turn heads and whisper,i disapper in my mind so they cant get in my head,no one, not even I know what's going on up there,Incolusion of all the emtpyness,of all the crazyness that's ripping me apart,my fear is what makes it stronger,my IDC's is what makes it smarter,trying not to fall is what makes it harder.

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