March 13, 2011
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The moon soon fades to the bright morning
and the stars turn invisible in the glowing of the sun
Never thought I the day when my love would fade so thinly
and suddenly to a sharp end my fluttering heart would come

boy, while you had me.. you really had me
you didn’t even know...
My body, my mind, my soul thirsted for every part of you
The thought of you wandering in my mind everywhere I would go

Its tough to think about how much you really lost...
A love so much realer than you will ever receive
In a life time. You were mine in my
Mind. I’d thought you’d never leave.

Love. Love. Love. My own sweet precious love...
Love. My sole purpose for each day I live.
Beautiful. Powerful. Immense. To
You, the one thing Id only ever wanted to give

But it faded with time...I got sick of waiting for a ridiculous dream
A dream. I was a dream. You were a dream. We were nothing but
a reckless....imaginary, comforting dream of mine
A dream I left open... one which is now ready to be shut

Vibrant. Exhilarating. Exploding. Love.
We. You. Me.
Words I share with the soul of another... a boy that's truly mine.
Passion. Purity. Real. But you will always hold the first key.

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