The Understandings of Love

March 13, 2011
By Yerenna_Lubs-Yew SILVER, Houston, Tx, Texas
Yerenna_Lubs-Yew SILVER, Houston, Tx, Texas
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"It's not how many times you fall down is how many times you get back up"

Sinking, falling, breathless, helpless. Floating, boring, drowning, pounding. Embracing, facing, kissing, missing. Words too many, thoughts to rough. Boys are evil, a kiss is not enough. Smiles influence, hugs lead to dreams. Do you know what all this means?

Seduction is not hard to find, if you reject your one of a kind. Boys have different minds; their specie has what ever it finds. They don’t love you that’s a lie, they say without you they will die.
Falling is not hard at all, but consequences are given to one and all. The body of a man, the heart of a beast. Waiting to strike its delicious feast.

Spread your butter way to thin, and at the end he always wins. He hugs other females, I don’t mind but will you stab me from behind? He says he’ll love you till the end, does that include kissing your best friend? He thinks he’ll get to second base, if you let him you’re a big disgrace. He only thinks about one thing, even thought he knows it is a sin.

Despite the talks and advice you give, he never changes the way he lives. Always hunting for the kill, he can never stay still. Persistently convinces you, to do what he wants you to do. Be the hunter not the pray, because scars are here to stay. He walks around demolishing lives, stabbing you with sharp edged knifes. Year after year it stays the same, and a million years from now will be the same old game.

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